Monday, November 23, 2020

deep's already been done

those ever so 'exciting' genius folk at M.I.T., Harvard, Tufts, Blades, Eversmart, Wanker, and Pullsome are working on a computer that will deliver the answer to life, the universe, and everything. that's already been done. see the books by Douglas Adams. Mr. Adams was a visionary of extraordinary literative prescience. that and Mr. Adams was pretty damn funny. the computer being designed and built by the university genius types will deliver up the answer to the aforementioned really deep question and of course the university genius folk will not understand the answer given by their whiz-bang sparkly if not spiffy computer. that answer will be the same as it has always been, 42. that's the answer every last computer ever built anywhere across our dynamic and infinitely expansive universe has given up every time the computations have been computed. ergo...42. problem is, no one understands the answer let alone the question. however the genius types WILL build that computer for the simple reason they can. and will. and still...they'll be stumped. that's the way of all things both intellectual and universally arrogant. sentient beings always figure that they (sentient beings) are smarter than everybody and end up smarting themselves out of a job. pretty dang smart, no? anyway, there's something really deep for everyone to chew on this fine Monday morning the 23 day of November 2020. Thanksgiving will be held on this coming Thursday. remember to mask up BUT, take your mask off before trying to eat that Thanksgiving dinner. of course one could always cut a hole in your mask to be able to eat and stay on the safe side of the CDC. just a deep thinking thought for a holiday season. did you know that Christmas will be a mere one month away after Thanksgiving? well it will and if you do actual and for reals mathematics the answer will be exactly one month minus one day. you know on account of Thanksgiving will be on the 26th of November and Christmas is on the 25th of December. with both holidays being in the year of our lord 2020. hallelujah and amen. on to the experimental machine art and stuff segment of today's program.

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that is all for now. peace and outta here :]

Sunday, November 22, 2020

eleven twenty two

 11/22. almost sounds like a title for one of those Dan Brown books. picture this, rogue pontiff is having an elicit affair with the queen mum. several high ranking cardinals are aware of the pope's affair and are keeping the news quiet. so as not to upset the 'faithful' and so as not to rankle the archbishop of canterbury. you see the cardinals have been working hard behind the scenes to reunify the two not-so-different faiths and the archbishop of canterbury is in full agreement with the cardinals. the "conspirators" are well aware that should the news of their clandestine reunification and the pope's getting jiggy with the queen mum break, well, people will NOT take the news too lightly. as a Dan Brown footnote will want to indicate, there is a new queen in England as the old queen, lizzie the deuce, has passed on and England has a new queen and that new queen is not charlie's camilla parker bowls. or whatever. you see the monarchy has skipped over charlie and so charlie's first born (charlie's first born is named Randolph? Rupert? Chuck? William? oh wait, that just might be the one) inherits the throne and his quite the good looker of a wife, what's her name, is now queen. what's her name's mum is quite the looker as well. this is an outline and an outline for a new Brown book only. I'll leave it to Brown to fill in the gaps in this fictional narrative. so a plot thickens as the pope decides he's the pope and if he wants to take a wife, well, everyone is just going to have to suck it up. the pope is the pope after all and the pope gets to make the rules and all the rules for the church and/or otherwise. changing a couple thousand years of church cannon law is no big deal if you're the pope. there should probably been some sort of fantastic ending to all this and since I'm just making this shit up on the fly...well there you go. now on to what's really important and relevant to today's meandering time line, experimental machine art and stuff.

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and there you have it for sunday 11/22/2020  :]

Saturday, November 21, 2020

did you know

did you know that today is 'world television day'? I did not know that. our world is in need of a 'world television day' and there you go. that does explain any number of bizarre global happenings. 'world television day'... what the hell did people do before 'world television day'? sit around staring at the radio? watch the chickens, cows, horses, and pigs? oh wait, a way back in the day there were those ever so impressive gladiator games. bloodletting spectacular. of course when things became really boring, the world simply went to war. of course our world still does that but it's not so glamorous as it used to be. now days folk can simply turn on the television and watch a war raging somewhere around the world and that does explain why we'd need a 'world television day'. I'm holding out watching the television until a team of bad-ass Navy Seals goes all invasion-esque on the White House and removes the trump from the premises. now that would make for some interesting television worth watching. the Navy Seals invasion-esque team could wrap the trump up in plastic sheeting and duct tape his mouth shut. and THEN the Seals might drag his miserable ass out of the White House by his heels. if the Navy Seals could bounce trump's head off the steps a few times that would just be icing on a well deserved cake. White House staff could then toss melania out the door and all of her "fashionable" ensemble could go with her. just throw the shit out on the lawn and then crank up Marine Corp 1 and blow her crap all over the place. Marine Corp 1 is that spiffy helicopter the Marines use to pack amerika's presidents over to where they park Air Force 1. Andrews Air Force Base and I think that's about correct. close enough? now where else might you find interesting info about 'world television day'. I mean really and whatever...

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peace y'alls and happy Saturday. :]

Friday, November 20, 2020

monks and punks

 it's Friday and following the directives given by the wholly order of machismo monks of Monterey, it's time for the Friday chant and here goes...

Friday...Friday...Fri eye eye eye... eye day! okay, rinse then repeat as needed. okay and that takes care of the monks portion of today's program. on to the punks.

trump is a punk. yeah like most of amerika hadn't figured that out already. the dangerous bitch is now attempting to subvert Electoral College members and try to get them to change their votes which are already won by President-Elect Joe Biden. that action in and of itself seems enough to warrant a change of open sedition by trump the punk. there actually is NO constitutional mandate that binds the EC members to any candidate in a presidential election. it is simply an historical tradition that the candidate who wins a state's popular vote also wins a state's Electoral College vote. Tradition! let us all thank Tevya for that. amerika has followed that tradition from the very beginning of amerika. trump's attempts to strong-arm and wheedle himself a stolen election merely highlights how far amerika has fallen from the notion of being the "democratic beacon to the world." amerika stands on the verge of being raped and plundered by trump and his rethuglican 'supporters'. I could suppose that amerika is also on the verge of one bloody civil war IF trump manages to steal the election that was won, and legally I would add, by Biden. people will go straight up blood thirsty insane should trump succeed in his attempt to circumvent the system. the system is broken and has been for a while so it will be interesting to see how this very ugly circus plays itself out. fun and games kids so be sure to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and especially so at present. and now it's time for...experimental machine art and stuff:

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

mask of the covid death

 the Covid-19 continues unabated in the amerika and the death toll climbs exponentially each and every day. el gordo trump allowed all this death to raise holy hell on amerika. trump and his 'run-and-hide' from the obvious strategy is failure now as it failed from the start of this disgraceful mess. trump and trump alone. why anyone with half a brain would have voted for this asshat is unfathomable. so it seems that rethuglicans will hang with the old el gordo and let amerika slide into disarray and whomever might be left after (if?) amerika gets a vaccine is just about alright with them. the rethuglicans are inherently evil and probably, for the good of our entire Planet, should be exterminated. hmmm, maybe exterminated is too strong a descriptive. how about eradicated. yeah that's the ticket, eradicate the freaks and get on with it. hopefully Joltin' Joe Biden will in fact be able to heal amerika. I think the man should at least get a chance. after all, Biden DID win the election 2020 and el gordo simply can't come to terms with that. fuck him. oh sorry, I waxed just a shade vulgar. wow and what do you know, nothing else will work so, fuck him. el gordo trump and certainly not Joe Biden. on with the experimental machine art and stuff.

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hang there everybody, things may get better. :/

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

guess what day it is

 go ahead...I dare you. okay and so things are pretty much the same as the things were yesterday. trump is spinning wildly out of control. the dumb ass ignorant freak is nuts. enough about trump. the grate state of utah has elected another loopy ass rethuglican to congress. that comes as no surprise. utah is loaded to the very top with loopy ass rethuglicans. utah is "officially" a soviet union satellite nation. utah has been that for a very long time. still, it is a scenically beautiful place to live. you just learn to ignore the screwballs. on to the experimental machine art and stuff.

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it's hump day! :]

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

dust in his wind

 one u.s. senator rob portman (r-oh) signed on with johnson & johnson to be a guinea pig for j & j's experimental Covid-19 vaccine. portman maintains the clinical trial was a "wonderful experience and vaccines are so wonderfully necessary what with the Covid-19 and all." the quote is close enough for it's use here. :] senator 'wonderful' portman wants "all amerikans" to be able to experience the wonderful joy of being a guinea pig and getting paid handsomely for that very wonderful and joyous experience. regular amerikans will NOT receive any sort of emolument for being a johnson & johnson guinea pig. that little perk only works for senators and other well-connected really important types. regular amerikans will get what they get and that's about the end of it. portman is adamant in reporting that there were very few "side effects from the vaccine" and that was simply "wonderful." portman did report that he now farts johnson & johnson baby powder and given all the other possible side effects he (portman) could have experienced, well, farting baby powder didn't seem all that bad. senator portman did have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with johnson & johnson and that nda did include a specific rider that states portman could not sue johnson & johnson for any latent cancerous effects resulting from farting baby powder. damn, there is always a catch. next up...experimental machine art and stuff.

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Monday, November 16, 2020

indecision is crowding me

should I mask or unmask, that is the question. whether it's nobler in the hearts and minds of men/women to be stupid and catch the Covid-19 OR should masking up for pandemic safety sake be the wiser of choices. wow is that shakespearean or what. it seems to me that if the dummies refuse to mask up if not for their own safety and protection, they should at least respect the rest of us trying to keep the hell away from one nasty virus. it seems to me that IF the anti-maskers won't, well, when they do catch the Covid-19 (and they most certainly will) don't come around asking for medical help and stay the hell away from hospitals and clinics that are helping sick and injured folk. if the anti-maskers catch the Covid-19, that's a personal choice and tough nuggies on them. yeah I know that seems harsh and what. I'm all about respecting personal choice. of course, the anti-maskers are the first to start screaming about right to life and bullshit like that there. I'm about had enough of whiney anti-maskers, bitching trumpers, pseudo-political "authorities" talking sedition and inciting violence and then turning around after the fucks get called out for their remarks and deny they ever said what they said. 'LOCK THEM UP'!!! even better would be to frog march the silly assholes out on the National Mall, stand their sorry asses up before a military firing squad, crank up the mainstream media cameras, and then give the order to FIRE! that solution would save America a whole lot of grief, trouble, and put the dummies out of everyone's misery. not maybe the best of solutions but, when you've got a problem, get a solution. so my solution for today would be experimental machine art and stuff.


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so there you go...for today...grouchy old guy bitching and whining. :]

Sunday, November 15, 2020

'it' won't go away

 the 'it' would be trump and he won't go away. I could suppose that karma is heavily involved here. amerikan karma earned with interest for amerikan fuck ups all around the globe. wars of naked aggression, proxy wars of naked aggression, torture, violations of the Geneva Convention, Guantanamo, trump's border wall, ted cruz, the klanvangelicals, bigotry, arrogance, elvis presley, and pro wrestling. yes folks, it all adds up to karma and amerikan existential suffering at present. about the only thing can be said for the amerikan denial of the Covid-19 pandemic and plague would be... karma. insane amerikan pro-trumpers protesting the election of Joe Biden as amerika's next president... karma. that karma can't be blamed on Joe Biden. that karma is placed squarely on the very weak-ass shoulders of trump. trump is of course, the reincarnation of benito mussolini and we can only hope and pray that trump should come to the exact same end as benito. swaying ever so softly in a breeze. the insane plight of the pro-trumpers can be traced all the way back to the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11/01 and alex what's-his-name... oh yeah, jones. the father of amerikan conspiracy theory. jones wrote the radio program for today's screwy as hell conspiracy theorists. jones had a lot of help along his way. olive stone, oliver north, dick cheney and his evil spawn daughter lizzie the wyoming sheep butcher. amerika's karmic debt can be traced to a long ways back in recorded modern history. things began turning to shit just about the time that america firebombed Dresden, Germany and then dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. that is some seriously bad juju there boy. nixon figures into the mix here and then came ron reagan or ronnie raygun as he's loving known a way out here behind the Zion Curtain. karma. did you know that ronnie raygun did NOT survive that assassination on his life a way back in the day? no he did not. old raygun was replaced by a CIA clone puppet and then sent to pasture after georgie bush the first came to power. which was of course a very short lived presidency. then we had us Bubba the womanizer. Bubba actually figured he could use the Oval Office to jiggy that intern girl. with a cigar tube no less. damn, that's pretty sick even by porn star standards. then came bush the deuce and we all know how well that turned out. cheney and the endless Afghanistan occupation and then Iraq and Guantanamo and torture and condoleeza rice and rumsfeld's we don't know what we don't know and paul stole me a billion in cold hard cash bremer and we certainly shouldn't forget one toe wolfowitz. karma way and long over due. it is truly sad that all that karma had to come due at present. with the Covid-19 terrorizing  the world and lockdowns all over everywhere, half decent amerikans that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the national criminality can't escape to, well, anywhere. we're trapped like rats on a sinking Titanic and we're stuck with leonardo di caprio telling anyone that will listen that he, di caprio, is not really justin biebers father. yup, that karma gig is one cruel bitch. on to the experimental machine art and stuff.

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cruelty is a slice of life that we just have to put up with. :]

Saturday, November 14, 2020

once, twice, three times the obsequious toady

 that would be Senator Mike 'Pinky' Lee from Utah. Lee is notorious for being an alleged 'constitutional scholar'. of course, old 'Pinky' wouldn't know the Constitution of the United States of America if that Constitution were to creep up behind the man and then bite him on his ass. Lee is simply enamored with Fox News and any other mentions he might get in mainstream media. Lee thinks that gives him credibility. what the exposure does get old 'Pinky' would be for America, and the world, to see he's an ignorant ass and an embarrassment to the State of Utah. Senator 'Pinky' waxes ever so profuse on "constitutional rights and privileges" that are being denied "conservatives in America" by Google, Amazon, and Tweeter. Lee does not like being proven wrong with facts as opposed to the imbecilic diatribe he espouses. what Amazon has to do with conservative/liberal political positions seems woefully disconnected from reality. I imagine that Amazon denied Lee a credit card or something like that there and Lee has had an axe to grind with Amazon ever since. Utah has a notorious record of foisting retarded miscreants on the national political stage and then boasting how wonderful stupidity may in fact be. all that being said, America is about to see another retarded miscreant from Utah and that appearance will be in the House of Representatives. it seems that Utah is about to send one Uncle Burgie Owens to Congress to represent Utah's 4th Congressional District. so if you get the impression that Senator Mike 'Pinky' Lee is a dumb ass well, just you wait for Uncle Burgie. Burgie is a confirmed conspiracy theorist with his emphasis being on Qanon crap and just about ANYTHING that vomits from the mouth of ex-president trump. good old Uncle Burgie played football for the Oakland Raiders back in the day and so that qualifies as all the credentials he might need to run for congress. good old Uncle Burgie has taken an inordinate number of shots to his head and is more than likely suffering from football encephalitis and dementia. gosh does that seem rude? GOOD!!! the above is meant to be crude, rude, socially distanced from civility, and spot on. it is NOT my fault that Utah trends toward unworldly stupid in positions of political responsibility. no it is not. anyway that's about enough of that and now it's time for experimental machine art and stuff.

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so remember kids, the vote you cast may inflict unseen damage for years to come. :]