Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Archived Stuff

 A little more poetic genius from the book. I think it's genius. I probably don't count. Personal bias...



     as a noun

its a monument.


as an adverb

     its consequence.


     as an adjective

its realization

     we could never be together

for more

     than the time we had

then.          ...          DKN Jr.

now for some Tuesday machine art.

Area 51 -

com...positional -

queenies -

America's 'Supreme Court' is out of control and there seems to be not shit can be done. Yup...we's in a whole world of trouble now. 😱

Monday, June 27, 2022


 One more time...from the book -

Weighted Down

in the little book of


is a barely understandable parable

     that reads something like this-

"be not weighted down with money

     give it all to me and

be free

     and your soul shall see

the rightness of this virtue

     and your soul shall surely see

it is not too heavy

     to transcend these earthly chains

and raise itself without much pain

     unto heaven." 

and the author never once addresses

     what he does

with the money.          DKN Jr.

now for the Monday machine art -

compascene -

shadows -

St. Benejet of Claud -

so with SCOTUS running batshit crazy...what "right" can Americans look forward to losing next? 😠

Sunday, June 26, 2022

From The Book...

 Curiously odd if not wholly obscure rhymes almost entirely without reason. So let's begin -

military industrial

:) do you see that missile over there?

     :( I see it

:) that is our brand new munition

     :( I see

:) it took our very best team years to perfect it

     :( I see

:) a team of rocket engineers and physicists

     :( I see

:) a team of nuclear technicians and mathematicians

     :( I see

:) it is unique and very special

     :( I see

:) would you like to know what it does?

     :( not really

:) it targets and kills children

     :( what?

:) it answers the uncertainty principle


:) the children are the uncertain part of the equation

     :( you are insane

:) not at all as you kill the children then deal with the parents

     :( you are mad

:) not at all, it's the perfect solution for an uncertain future

     :( I'm going to be ill

:) yes we get that a lot...

                                                             DKN Jr

now we return to our regularly scheduled machine art.

grl -

desert -

cheetah -

caliente -

I suppose it would be good to be king of your own little town. or not... 💔


Saturday, June 25, 2022

One More Time

 From the book...


Irish anesthetic four fingers deep

     warm liquid solace applied

straight shot

     to a battered soul

weary from the weight of humanity's 



     then suicide and a rising tide of blood

shed most recently by innocence 

     as collateral damage

torturing women and children

     the torturers are supposed to be

the good guys

     mad politicians contrive sedition

as a welcome addition

     to the end of freedom

thus a clock is ticking it's haunting rendition

     at the bottom of an hour

four fingers deep... Irish anesthetic... DKN Jr.

now for some Saturday machine art -

Emery as appearing on microdot LSD 25 -

calm -

sucker -

so with SCOTUS dragging America, kicking and screaming, back to the glory days of Jim Crow...well...hold on to your butts kids and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. this is gonna get real ugly real quick. 😬

Friday, June 24, 2022

From The Book...

 Titled, "He Said That?" Written by...get ready for it...ME! Oh it's true it is so very true. Published and copyrighted 2010 and this very well written work of literary genius went nowhere faster than the speed of failure. Here in exact sampling is a snippet of the work and more will likely find their way to the 'skulzwerks' page. 

Sorry and Get Ready

a pharmaceutical research genius guy

     in collaboration with

the brilliant clinical physician

     announced today

their coordinated efforts

     had produced an amazing breakthrough

it's the one stop

     one time

cure for everything

     from the moderately debilitating

to the horrendously deadly

     and will end all suffering completely


     it is cost prohibitive and

can only be prescribed to the fabulously rich

     so for anyone else...well

we're truly sorry and prepare to die.          DKN Jr.

now for some Friday machine art -

big as -

palate -

spreader -

flash -

dang if'n this all ain't about artsy without the fartsy. 😏

Thursday, June 23, 2022


 Back on the MormonHomeWorld (that'd be Utah), there happened to be a tornado a way out by Vernal, Utah. A whopping F2 tornado. The twister tore up a hillside of trees and that was about the extent of it. President Biden is proposing a 3 month suspension on the federal gas tax. The tax relief really isn't much and Utah's very own U.S. Senator Mittens Romney stated categorically, "what's really needed is a two dollar reduction in the price of gasoline." Good ole Mittens has his finger on the anus of the American people and especially so with the people of Utah. Most of the people in Utah are Mormon. Mormons really like that 'finger on the anus' motif. There happens to be a forest fire raging dang close to Bryce Canyon National Park. Watch out for hot embers and cows. On account of Bryce Canyon is a helluva place to lose a cow. That is true. Okay and now I'll move on to the really important stuff. Machine art for Thursday. Utah is a pretty great place...to be from.

creeper -

sassy -

wonder -

the F.D.A. is planning to ban e-cigarettes and regulate the amount of nicotine that can be in cigarettes. the regular Marlboro kind. that ought to sit well with the American people and especially for the American that smoke. 😳

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Mites That Live And Breed

 On your face! Not only that but the buggers crap on your face. I found an article on Gizmodo's webpage and here's a link -


Sounds worlds of disgusting no doubt. Little itty bitty bugs live and breed and do their business all the while nestled comfy cozy on the human face. Every last human breathing and wandering around this Island Earth. BUGS! ON YOUR FACE! How in hell is one supposed to wash mite crap off one's face? On an additional line of the Gizmodo article, the little fuckers are having sex while on your face. Mite crap, mite jizz, and then they die. On your face! This news totally changes how I intend to wash my face each and every morning. I'm thinking that it might be an entirely good idea to wash the old kisser more than once a day. At least. Dang...I had not ever not never considered freaking mites crawling around on my face. Yuck... Machine art is next up for a Camels Day and ain't not about a dang thing can be done about mites taking up squatting on your mug. 

radio -

radio II -

she's idea -

perspective -

I suppose having parasites/bugs living on your face might not be so bad...we could all be living in Texas and holy crap...that'd really suck! 💩

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Don't Talk About It...Do It!!!

 The Texas Republican Party held a "convention" in Houston, Texas on the days of June 16 - 18, 2022. A really big soiree to be certain. The Texas GOP managed to show our entire world how batcrap insane they are to a man/woman. The Texas GOP voted a "resolution" declaring President Joe Biden an illegitimate president AND that Biden was fraudulently elected to the Office of President. Evidently there is something horribly wrong with the drinking water in Houston, Texas and Texas overall. To much ocean salt water seeping into their water by gum. Their antics did NOT end there oh no. These pistol packing rodeo clowns also voted a "resolution" calling for Texas to secede from the American Union. I think that the Texas GOP may have hit on something that just might find overwhelming support with Americans just about everywhere. Do it you sad collection of inbred yokels. Secede! Do it...just do it! America will be just fine without all your crazy ass Texas bullshit and fondness for brutally murdering school children. Well, and migrants crossing the Rio Grande. But first, give back every last dime that our Federal Government has ladled on Texas. All federal installations military, NASA, interstate highways, and necessary infrastructures all of it. Return please without haste. Don't forget to include all Texas professional sport teams. Erect border crossings with barricades, manned by armed United States military personnel, AND require legal and legitimate United States passports legally obtained from the United States Department of State to get in or out of Texas. End all Texas mail service. Cut off all their hospitals. Restrict Texas airspace. Have the U.S. Coast Guard patrol Texas shorelines. Stupid if not entirely straight up batcrap insane  notions from republican Texans. I wonder how all other Texans feel about the Texas GOP? Let's ask Mathew McConaughey. Now to switch grinding gears...it's time for Tuesday machine art. All for free...go figure. No Texas strings attached.

she's -

moose -

in loving memory of Squibby -

never underestimate the insane workings of stupid people in large groups. 😎

Monday, June 20, 2022

Machine Art Monday

 Here comes -

homestead -

all the world is...a stage? -

IF indeed all the world is a stage...well...this play really sucks! 😡

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fathers Pffft...

 Fathers Day June 19, 2022 and I'm not a big fan of Fathers Day. I wasn't any good at being a father. Not in the least. I was an absolute asshole regarding the entire fatherhood deal. I bailed on my first wife which was an unspeakably crappy thing to do. I bailed on my kids which was an unspeakable crime against my children. So on any given Fathers Day I get to reflect on being a domestic failure of an asshole. Arrogantly overindulging in my addictions, adultery, wholesale prickdom, and there you go. Fathers Day but not so much for me. However I do know now what not to do regarding fatherhood. A wee bit too late and after the fact. Fait accompli and/or ce la vie. I haven't had any contact with my kinfolk for the better part of half a lifetime. Ain't not a dang thing can be done about any of it. I'm not whining. I am making admission of amoral sin. Fathers Day...pffft! I really don't care for Fathers Day. Happy Fathers Day to all the successful fathers out there. Hold your kin close and be straight up. They deserve no less. Sunday and Fathers Day machine art.

fjord -

Romeo -

west by Wyeth -

Happy birthday Christopher wherever you are. 😶