Sunday, May 9, 2021

It's Raining

 All around our Planet it's raining rockets. Yup. Space trash bends to the will of that old gravitational pull and PRESTO! Space crap fireballs back to Mother Earth and makes for a spectacular re-entry. Great balls of fire streaking across a night sky. But the space junk will fall back to earth during the day. It's pretty much the rule that whatever goes up will, for the most part, come right back down. Well except for the space crap that can break free from the old gravity gig. Evidently the Chinese launched the beginnings of a Chinese space station and the "modular" section made it to orbit but the booster rocket didn't. There are any number of 'laws' you might care to break and for a while you might get away with breaking the 'law'. But the law of gravity is unforgiving and relentless. Gravity will eventually have it's way and BLAM! Back to earth. Or the ground. Whatever. Whichever? Anyway, the Chinese falling space crap may or may not have re-entered our blue orb from it's failing orbit and splashed down harmlessly in the Indian Ocean. So say the Chinese space guys. Maybe it did but then maybe it didn't. We only have the Chinese' word on the matter. The Chinese space guys wouldn't try to fool the rest of the world...would they...? The alleged rather large piece of Chinese booster space junk has space scientists more than a little worried and NASA and/or the ESA have NOT issued any word on the subject and the silence is more than a bit eerie. Should the Chinese booster rocket space crap hit some populated city or region, well, folks are gonna be more than a little put off by the Chinese raining space junk on innocent populations somewhere. You see, there is a space load of junk orbiting Planet Earth. I mean the space litter is literally everywhere orbiting our Planet and so near Earth space is a trash heap of epic proportion. Talk about litter bugs. This is space littering and it's unsightly and dangerous. Of course we earth ground pounding regular folk usually never get to see the space garbage. But when the space garbage makes its way back to earth we can sometimes get to see the fireball. Sometimes. It's the space crap you can't see that poses the danger. According to NASA there are roughly 500,000 pieces of space garbage orbiting our Planet and eventually it will all of it fall back to earth. Some sooner than later. That is a lot of space garbage. Damn interplanetary litter bugs anyway. Someone is going to have to clean that mess up before some real damage is incurred. Of course it may very well be too late and I'm not so certain that NASA nor the remainder of our Earth's space guys are prepared to offer any hope of a clean up. On the upside, if would be rather rude (?) IF the Chinese booster trash fall directly onto Mar a Lago. Now that would be karma worth the price of one lesser orbit. Thus endeth our Sunday Sermonette and now it's on to the machine art portion of today's service. 

crossroad -

sun spots and maybe not any space junk -

now we shall press on to Monday as, that would be tomorrow's installment of 'How The Earth Gets Hit By Space Crap'. hmmm, would that suggest something like when the shit hits the fan? 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Money Can't Buy

 Bill and Melinda Gates are splitting the sheets. Yup. Divorce billionaire style is about to hit the headlines and isn't Amerika just lucky as can be to be able to witness a very public division of their property. Amerikans will want to know who gets what and when will whomever gets whatever the other doesn't want. What? It's complicated. So our intrepid Billy boy is in possession of $130.5 billion dollars. Oh yes. That's how the Forbes folks have Gates' net worth posted as. One hundred thirty billion and 500 million bucks. There are nations on and around Planet Earth haven't that much money on their very best day. So Billy and Melinny (that's Gates' pet name for Melinda) will have to split one titanic mountain of sheets to satisfy the divorce court judge. That judge will NOT be Judge Judy. If their divorce were to be handled California divorce style, well, the billionaire pair would each get $65 billion and $250 million dollars and that would I suppose be equitable. Face in a palm plant goes right about here. The Gates' bungalow located along the shores of Lake Washington (that's in Washington state), will be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds divided between Billy and Melinny. The Gates' call their digs Xanadu 2.0. That seems silly but that's just me, besides the movie Xanadu really sucked. Of course the mansion is not the only property owned by the Gates. Oh hell no. They own a beach front mansion along the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar, California, an "equestrian estate" in Florida, 242,000 acres of farmland in Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, and miscellaneous lots here and there where squeezing rent out of the poor is maintained for sport. Farmland? The Gates' own farmland? Golly, who knew. Well, the Forbes people obviously knew but just regular folks and the folks what ain't got more than about squat didn't know. The folks what ain't got more'n about squat most likely really don't care. Billy and Melinny have been married 27 years. Jeepers, if a couple hasn't figured out how to live together after 27 years, there was something wrong with the relationship from the start. Anyway, this tale of love gone wrong and what does the bank statement read today only proves that money can't buy them love. Insert a Beatles sound track right about now. The Beatles popular hit 'Money Can't Buy Me Love'? If you've never heard it well, google it and enjoy. I'll bet the lawyers working the Gates' divorce are gonna pocket a king's ransom in 'time billed'. Yeah lawyers suck too. Now it's time for the lowly and poverty stricken machine art. While it's true that money can't buy you love, it is true that money can buy you a cup of coffee. However if you head to a Starbucks, you're gonna need more than a buck. Starbucks sucks! 

circles -

green not the color of money -

I'm thinking that Melinny is gonna want the horse property in Florida. The notion seems almost plausible. :]

Friday, May 7, 2021

First Friday In May

 Just a mere week ago we were still in April. Now an entire week has passed by and here it is the month of May. Wow is that about a shocker or what. Won't be long and we'll be having us a Memorial Day which just so happens to arrive on the last Monday in May. Coincidence? I think not. Don't forget that this upcoming Sunday is Mothers Day. Just about every last human experience would be entirely different if we didn't have mothers. Why, there'd be no humans at all. Which given our current state of planetary onslaught, that might not be such a bad thing for life on Planet Earth. Humans do tend to fuck shit up at just about every turn. The humans have turned this blessed Island Earth into an almost pig-like sty. Tain't fit for beasts and/or fishes at present and I'm willing to guess that time is just about up for all life on our Planet. I could imagine that life will carry on. Life does have a way of surviving just about the worst that existence can toss Earth's way. I'm more than a bit doubtful that humanity can survive much more abuse. I feel badly for the really younger humans. They shall inherit a planetary mess not of their own making. I won't be around to see any of that and I think I'm more than a little happy I'm gonna miss the karma. For all those idiot klanvangelicals out there thinking that Jesus is going to snatch them off the face of Mother Earth as the end of life actually happens, well, you are sorely mistaken if not wholly mislead by fools. Jesus himself states and quite clearly, "you shall reap what you sow." Thus the entire premise of karma is spelled out in gospel truth. You see, any number of pressing "issues" lay at the feet of those loony klanvangelicals and they alone bear responsibility and will suffer consequences for being arrogant if not outright ignorant while raping our Planet. So on that cheery note we shall move on and highlight that ever so popular machine art.

boxed -

really big fish -

it's a fish shrine and any number of souls will commence to worship it's glow. :]

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Digital Vincent

 What could Vincent van Gogh have done with a computer, art software, and a paint program? Or any of the old masters? The entire world of artistic pursuit would be entirely different. So that's where post-modern artificial intelligence using bozos such as myself come in to fill the void. Gimme an out of date public domain image and I can create a brand new and spectacularly spiffy rendering of art as whatever one can get away with. Spit on a canvas, splash on a little paint in the Jackson Pollock manner, frame the mess and...PRESTO! It's art! Just you ask any 'notable' art critic and they'll say its art. Okey-dokey then. So anyone at any level of artistic ability can use a computer with the proper software and there you go. So there we go and on to machine art for a Thursday. By the by, it is the day after Cinco de Mayo. Heartburn? Anyone? No...?

dark star -

framed -

give it a try and you too just might become famous and fabulously rich. Although you might win the lottery before you become artistically famous. :]

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Great American Possibility

 Happy Cinco with Mayo everyone. Let peace reign over the valley once again. Be fruitful and multiple. Well...don't just stand there go out and multiply. You know, get jiggy. Facebook has upheld their ban on trump and quite possibly there is some measure of justice in our world. Not so very much justice but at least for now there is some. Justice. I could very well be wrong and I can admit that. There certainly is no justice for Black Americans. Not very much at all. The Chauvin verdict was some minor justice but team Chauvin wants a retrial. Chauvin is the cop that strangled George Floyd with his knee. Caught the entire murder on camera. The tape was played in open court. Now this sad freak wants a retrial. That 'great' Amerikan possibility. Sure 'nuff. So with today being Cinco de Mayo, be sure to get out and have a taco or two. I'm planning on whipping up chili verde enchiladas. Oh yummy. Is it time to eat yet? Sadly we're not even close. To dinner time. So I watched the season finale of 'Finding Your Roots w/Dr. Henry Louis Gates last night. The finale was a block buster of a hit. Dr. Gates did genealogy for Louis Black and Roy Wood Jr.. I'm a huge fan of Louis Black and I'm not familiar with Roy Wood Jr. at all. Turns out Louis Black is of Jewish ancestry out of Russia and Roy Wood Jr. has ancestry out of Africa. Mr. Wood being black American, well, it comes as no surprise that his roots are out of Africa and slavery in America. Slavery is another of those 'great Amerikan possibilities'. However Dr. Gates was able to trace Mr. Wood's ancestry farther back than any other black American Dr. Gates has worked his genealogical magic for. Turns out that even in this our post-modern brand new century day and age, Republicans are working gang-busters to bring slavery back to America. That is true that is oh so very true. Have you listened to Itchy McConnell lately? Or Kevin 'minstrel show' McCarthy? Dang if those two aren't about a hefty stone's throw back to the past. Antebellum 'r' Us. Anyway, with America being just filled to the brim with great possibility, it's time for machine art. I'm cutting short today as there are things to do and places to go and people to irritate. Work work work work work. It's simply never done nor is there ample time in any day to get it all finished. Yeah...that's my story and I'll be sticking to it. For now. Love y'all and peace out. Of course the machine art is next.

rock and a road place -

days end not days inn -

you know, trump is about to pitch one titanic hissy fit for getting banned permanently from Facebook. this should be good for a laugh or two. at least...

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Real Deep State Plot

 Well here it is. May the 4th and the starry eyed Disnoids are all chanting the infamous chant, May the 4th be with you. Did you know that every time anyone anywhere utters that ridiculous line, the Disney conglomerate rakes in another $10 bucks? It's true and by now some of the less than compliant Disnoids are waking up to the fact that it's Disney taking over the world and not some inane 'Democrat' plot. Or Antifa plot. Or even Republican plot. A Republican plot would be very easy to spot, any Republican plot would have donald trump written all over it. So with Disney buying up the world, is it any wonder that most ordinary folk are unaware of the dastardly Disney plan to RULE THE WORLD?! The 'rule the world' part is said aloud in an echo chamber for proper special effect. Did you know that besides ABCESPNMARVELCOMICSLUCASFILMSPIXARANDDAVE'SVERYOWNBISCUITGRAVY, all those pricey Disney theme parks, several passenger cruise lines they are all owned by Disney, and the Muppets. Even Fox. Yeah the people that give Amerika such intellectual stimulations as 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' with Neil DeGrasse Tyson thrown in for some intellectual credibility, are all owned by the Disney conglomerate. Even Dr. Phil and the Oz clown are owned by Disney. That little nugget of truth was reported by TMZ which by the way, is owned by Disney. All the Disney streaming venues, Buena Vista movies, Buster the Edible Blue Crab, Tri-Star movies, Wonka's Very Own Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and the Pirates Of The Caribbean, every last island in the Caribbean minus Cuba but even Cuba is in negotiations with the Disnoids to be bought out. Yes it's true. Disney owns NASA. Disney owns Vladimir Putin. Disney owns damn near everything and the braindead Disnoids will shell out every last dollar in their precious bank account/credit card thingies just to please their liege lord and almighty Disney the Mickey Mouse Ruler of the Empire of Dummies. May the Fourth be with them for some Disney deliverance. Yes Disney even owns the movie 'Deliverance' and was able to get Jon Voight and his tit-less daughter Angelina what's-her-name thrown in for good measure. Yeah I'll end up taking serious heat for that rude Angelina remark. So what. Disney is the clear and present danger facing Amerika today and no one even cares. It's Disney for god sakes and Disney spits out all those cutesy if not pricey freaking movies. Even Aladdin is owned by Disney. So now you know. Put your mouse ears on today and chant the chant. You know you'll want to. Follow the money brick road. Now for machine art that has NO connection to Disney.

fox not the tv crap -

by George no doubt -

so if you think about all the Disney crap that flies under the radar, is it any wonder our world is a mess. :/

Monday, May 3, 2021

Tres de Mayo

Yes my friends, the countdown to Cinco de Mayo is on. We are now just two yes count them two days away from the big day. So it's now 'officially' okey-dokey to commence the eating of tacos. Or burritos. Or enchiladas. Or tostadas. Or tamales. You should be able to catch my drift by now. Cinco de Mayo is modestly celebrated in Mexico. The day marks an anniversary of the Mexican army defeating a French army in the 'battle of Puebla'. The French came back later and defeated the Mexicans and took over Mexico for a while. Cinco de Mayo is a much bigger celebration in the U.S. of A. and that is due largely to the profitability of celebrating Mexican food. If the day were just any ordinary day, well, Mexican Americans and Mexican restaurant owners wouldn't stand a prayer. I do like me some tacos al pastor. Well and enchiladas. Burritos too. Tamales are pretty darn tasty but the best tamales happen around Christmas time. That is a for real Mexican tradition. For me, it's a tradition to get some Mexican food just about anytime the mood strikes. Around these here parts, there are any number of fine Mexican restaurant. Not so many good Chinese restaurants. Not that I've been able to find. To be quite specific here, the very best Chinese restaurant I've ever found was in Spokane, Washington. Go figure. Anyway the dummies in Spokane tore the Chinese restaurant down to make way for some stupid crap building and we moved from Spokane just to make a point and protest their tearing down a perfectly good Chinese restaurant. Whoopsies...I digress. Cinco de Mayo is coming up and damn soon. Have yourselves a taco with all the necessary taco ingredients. DO NOT get tacos from Taco Bell or Del Taco or any of a number of Amerikan sourced "alleged" tacos and/or whatever. Those Mexican food items are all fake. Damn insulting too by way of gastronomic credibility. So now it's time for the machine art. No Cinco de Mayo inference may be inferred. :]

tiger in the surreal -

prime bottom land -

go forth and eat your way through an Amerikan tradition...Cinco de Mayonnaise! Sorry, I had a do it. :/

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday And Shameless

 If you happen to be traveling to Bryce Canyon, which just so happens to be a National Park and yes the Park is open to visitors, you will more than likely travel through Panguitch, Utah. A quiet little town in south central Utah and US 89 runs directly through the middle of Panguitch. If you happen to be traveling to Bryce Canyon you will have to take US 89 to get to Bryce. You could use other Utah highways but US 89 would be the easiest. Driving US 89 is a joy all in and of itself. Scenic for certain. Back to Panguitch. Panguitch is exactly what you'd expect to find in south central Utah. Farming is king and ranching is the king's wife. The residents of Panguitch are friendly and their hospitality is next to none. There are any number of restaurants in Panguitch and there are places to get a room. Getting a room in Panguitch and especially during visiting season at Bryce Canyon, the vacationer should make reservations early. You could stay dang close to Bryce Canyon but the rooms will be expensive. Rooms in Panguitch are your best bet. Back to the eateries. In my opinion, the best restaurant to eat at while in Panguitch is the Desert Grill. The Desert Grill is on the north end of Panguitch and just so happens to be on the east side of US 89. If you're coming from the south, the Desert Grill will be on the right side of your travel. If you're coming down US 89 from the north, well, you're gonna have to make a left turn at the Grill and turn across the 89. Their food is excellent and the service is top notch. If you do breakfast in Panguitch, the Grill's biscuits and gravy is about the best to be found west of Arkansas. I do love me some biscuits and gravy. I've had biscuits and gravy in Arkansas and the biscuits and gravy in Arkansas is pretty darn tasty. However, Arkansas is one damn long drive from Panguitch so why bother when you can drop in at the Desert Grill in Panguitch. I mean really. A dinner at the Desert Grill is old school American cuisine so double up on the fries and ask for extra catsup. Yes I said catsup. Ketchup is chump-slop served at any Micky D's at anywhere Amerika. Ketchup...good lord what's happened to American condiments. Anyway and there is one shameless plug for Panguitch, Utah and the Desert Grill. If you do drop in to the Desert Grill in Panguitch, Utah be sure and ask for Cam. Cam will take good care of you and your urgent need to eat. You can always eat out on the Desert Grill's veranda. Fresh air, excellent food, superior service, and remember to tip the wait staff. They work hard and eating at the Desert Grill is very affordable. If you dine out on the Grill's veranda, you can hear the cows and big trucks rumbling down US 89. The cows rumble from time to time but you'll be far enough away from the cows so as not to be annoyed by the cows rumbling. Be sure to tell Cam hello for me and be sure to be nice to the morning waitress at the Grill. The young lady is from Bulgaria. Wow and go figure, Bulgaria to Panguitch. That's got to be some serious culture shock. Now it's on to machine art. 

thar be dunes but not in Panguitch -

quaint little village not unlike Panguitch -

my very first travel critique. I didn't even lay it on overtly thick. :]

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Day!

May Day May Day! Our Planet Earth is in distress! Hit by a human-berg and taking on garbage! Send help...PLEASE! Message sent to "out there somewhere." Earth's blue oceans are a toxic sludge! Earth's green land are a toxic depletion of just about all vegetation! Animals are going extinct! Fish can't breath! So the fish can't breath on account of the sorry fishes can't pump crap through their gills. Or plastic. Or islands of floating detritus that eventually sinks to the oceans bottom. Humans seem to be rude slobs that even though the humans should know better, they're unable to help themselves. Every other living thing on our Planet is simply screwed. Thanks to the humans. Mother Earth will survive but survival might take several million years. Or some astonishing number like that. More or less. Humans as a species haven't a chance in hell and that is probably more fact than fantasy. Or religion. Seems like the 'religions' of humanity are the root cause of our Planet's degradation. That is not my fault. It's my fault for belonging to the human species but that's where any associative incrimination may in fact end. I really try to do good by our Planet. I do enjoy a good cheeseburger now and then so, hmmm, okay I'm guilty on that article of indictment. Gotta eat me a cheeseburger now and then. With kosher pickles and mayo with mustard. Toasted bun is optional. Hmmm, toasted anything probably isn't helping the cause by very much. Damn...every last one of us is guilty as hell. WE fucked up the Planet and WE shall reap the consequences. Oh crap...MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY!!! On to some, hopefully, soothing machine art. Oh shit...'machine art'! That might not be helping either. :/

stalk in surreality -

winslow's homer -

I read a headline yesterday that maintained Arizona just might have to consider evacuating Phoenix. Where in hell would all the people in Phoenix move to? Phoenix you see, is losing water resources and the ambient air temperature is becoming unlivable. I've been to Phoenix and the last little nugget of depressing news is absolutely no shit. 

Friday, April 30, 2021

It's Friday

So on this special occasion we'll skip right to the important stuff. Machine art of course.

untitled collage done in the surreal -

 next up we have 'tribecka trifecta' -

TGIF and TTFN :]