Friday, October 22, 2021

That Magical Day

 Yippee! It's Friday and about damn time. I do love me some Fridays. Before you know it, it'll be Halloween. Problem is...Halloween won't be on a Friday. Not this year. Halloween will be on a Sunday for this year and that will prove problematic for mormons. Mormons aren't supposed to do a thing on Sundays except go to "ward meeting." You see the mormons are divided up into 'wards' and that's where the mormon obedient go for church. They don't actually worship at their "ward meetings." No they do not. Ward meetings are more like a neighborhood meet and greet so's the ever so obedient mormons can check up on one another. That and see what's up with returned missionaries so the missionaries can meet and greet the daughters of the attendees at a ward meeting. Gots to keep all that mormon bullshit in the family. Did you know that the mormons still practice polygamy? That's true. These days the mormons call their polygamy 'the taking of a spiritual wife'. Yup those crazy dang mormons are...well...a mite crazy. Did you also know that the mormons believe that "God" drives a Lincoln Mark V on "God's" home planet of Kolob? Well "God" does there. Now we'll move on to pertinent and relevant crap, the machine art segment of today's program. 

ruralism -

beast mode -

be well folks and we'll see you all on the rebound. πŸ˜ƒ

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Irrationality Becomes Ideology

 Welcome to Utah. Home to ideologues and the devotees that love them. Ideology has just about always been an Utah "virtue." It's mormonism you see. One religion to rule them all, one religion to bind them, one religion to wed them to one another and therefore inbreeding spawns the weak-minded. Utah boasts of being the 'Life Elevated' state but that notion is propaganda. Once again, it's the mormonism. Question not thine religion leadership and We won't have to smack your peepee. Ideology/religion, it's the same bullshit wrapped in fancy paper. Thin paper but paper nonetheless. Mormons even have their very own golden idols. That golden Angel Moroni standing atop each and every one of the mormon temples. So let us cut to the chase. A mormon legislator, one Lincoln Fillmore (Ideologue-South Jordan), wants all social study syllabus material to be pre-screened for ideology purity. What that means is, social study material would never and oh no not ever, be in conflict with teachings of the mormon church. We are talking public school education here. All public school education. Stray from the official mormon dogma and woe be unto thine 'lefty liberal ass for sure'. Public schools are in theory, supposed to educate children according to national standards and accepted learning. However that doesn't apply in Utah. Utah education is a hodgepodge of the trite and trivial. Torn from the grounded roots of learning that is accepted as fact just about anywhere in this here Amerika. Well with most of southern Amerikan states being in the exception column. You don't want to accuse southern Amerikan states of being mormon. No you do not. Most of southern Amerika is evangelical and that becomes klanvangelical with political drift as impetus. So there you have it in a nuts shell. The ideological insane run the very mormon state of Utah and that's the way it goes. Please note that being on the outs with the ideologues here in Utah is great sport and a whole load of fun. The fuckers take offense so easily that it's almost not even a challenge. Machine art cometh and that right soon.

woman -

spots on wall by I.P. Freely -

the dummies around here actually pay good money to be mormonised. go figure... πŸ˜†

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cumbre Vieja Pendejo

 Cumbre Vieja Pendejo is Spanish for "oh shit it must be Hump Day!" Or possibly it translates to "oh shit that volcano is fixin' to blow!" Yeah and probably that last one. I've been watching ole Cumbre Vieja in the evening. It's dark and night time in la Palma so that makes watching the volcano much easier. You gets to see the hot lave blowing out the calderas. Yes I said calderas. There's more than just one. I'm almost positive that the volcanic vents number at least three and quite possibly four or maybe even more than that. So IF those vents collapse on one another and hook up to be just one really freaking large vent, well, look the fuck out then. La Palma won't need to evacuate anyone that's still on the island. Nope. Our trusty and damn twitchy Cumbre Vieja Pendejo will blow whomever might be left there clean out to open ocean. Talk about tsunami. People tsunami happening pretty dang soon and details will be handed out at eleven. Cumbre Vieja Pendejo is fascinating to watch. From a distance of course. I do love me some geology with emphasis on volcanology. We don't need no water...let the mofo blow. Machine art is spitting out the vent right about now.

sun king on blue -

white macaw -

the folks living on la Palma might need to toss a vestal virgin into that volcano. it just might help. or not... πŸ˜ƒ

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It Must Be Tuesday

A perfectly logical conclusion considering that yesterday was Monday. Logical...yes. It would also be logical to conclude that I've got absolutely nothing. Yes...logical. So I'll move right on and directly to the machine art. There's always that.

sun no moon -

 chronicles -

some days the fog can be really thick. brain fog. first thing in the morning brain fog. πŸ˜•

Monday, October 18, 2021

Sad News And A Monday...Go Figure

 Gen. Colin Powell has died from complications due to the Covid-19. Damn if that doesn't about suck. I had much respect for the good General. He seemed a man of integrity and that quality is in very short supply these days. Gen. Powell could have been America's first black president but alas, it wasn't to be. Can't blame the General for that decision. The good people in America that SHOULD be holding public office refuse to run. The political dog fights have gotten that bad. Pity that. C'est la vie. Rest in peace mon General. Machine art Monday is coming up right about now.

one lone tree -

oh girlie cue -

the good men die and the assholes are left standing. damn that really sucks! πŸ˜’

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Stuff And A Sunday

 Pressing questions for a Sunday from the page. Question the first, what happens IF Gabby Petito's fiancΓ© isn't found soon? Seriously? WTF can possibly happen now that might change anything. Ms. Petito is dead and not a dang thing can change that. Authorities find the Laundrie asshole, the authorities don't find the Laundrie asshole it's almost irrelevant. Ms. Petito is still dead. What might be poetic justice would be if authorities find Laundrie's corpse after he'd been strangled by one of those Florida swampland pythons. Boa constrictor? Either way. That'd be some righteous karma there boy. Second up and not necessarily a question, the Supreme Court is keeping secrets. Wow and no way man. Not the Supremes. Secrets? Secrets like Antonin Scalia liked whipping hisself? The Kavanaugh prince clown in a judge suit likes being lewd with the female justices? That would be a conjectural question. No surprise there. Once a skirt dog always a skirt dog. Lastly and third up, 17 American missionaries are reported kidnapped in Haiti by "gang members." No shit, by gang members? That's a question. Maybe. So an appropriate response would be to inform the "gang members" that they can keep those 17 American missionaries. No harm no foul. No big loss there. Those 17 American missionaries would be "god's" America is much better off without 17 American missionaries annoying people and aggravating Haitian "gang members." So there are some Sunday highlights. Have a great day everybody and machine art is next.

run, you're free, run fast away -

too loose the goose -

with today being Sunday, it might be a good idea to go out and worship a golf course. 😈

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Lincoln Logs Redux

 The political braintrust along with the developers that own and run Salt Lake City came up with a brilliant solution to the current housing crisis. Salt Lake has priced itself right out of the affordable housing market. Back to the theme for this here Saturday, the local politburo decided that shipping containers would make for some really spiffy housing for all those that are ass out when it comes to affordable housing. You see those shipping containers, which everyone sees loaded onto flat railway cars and winding their way to stores and shopping centers all across America, seem to be ideal for ready made homes. Don't need to lay foundations or crap like that there. You know like walls and ceilings and except for a need to cut windows and doors into the shipping containers, well, slam a shipping container on the ground and PRESTO! Ready made for occupancy homes. Toss in some plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets, closets, and all the necessary junk that makes for a home and you're almost all set to rent or sell or whatever. Turns out the shipping containers stack up just like Lincoln Logs. Wow and go figure. Lincoln Logs were a big hit for boys of all ages back in the day. The Lincoln Logs were designed and marketed to boys so all you nonbinary assholes...GET OVER YOURSELVES! Well, there's a hitch in the old shipping container to housing giddy up. All and I mean ALL the shipping containers that might have been converted to housing are sitting at anchor just outside shipping ports all up and down the east coast and the left coast and they is just no available containers to be converted. Pity that. So that's why President Joe Biden decided that shipping ports will be open 24/7 for the foreseeable future. The Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach, ports in Oakland, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, the Port of New York and New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and any other dang port city that might just have the shit necessary to unload those shipping containers will be working overtime to get those shipping containers unloaded and ready for the incredibly short on shipping containers housing market. Gosh, who knew? I didn't. I almost and for a certainty did NOT care in the least. Shipping containers to homes...almost a dang genius idea for sure. I could suppose that the notion to turn shipping containers into houses is a booming idea for the longshoremen and iron workers. Well and the electricians and plumbers. However for the developers and home builders, the idea is a bit offensive. There's no money in the idea for the developers and home builders. Dang if'n that don't just figure. Oh well and c'est la vie. Machine art is next.

barkley -

orchid? -

I find it hilarious when the best laid idiot plans of Salt Lake's political movers and shakers turns up a crapper. damn if'n they all ain't just about stupid. 😁

Friday, October 15, 2021

An Old Gregorian Chant Isn't

 The ever so famous 'Friday' old Gregorian chant isn't Gregorian. I just found that out. bad. Nope the chant isn't Gregorian it's Celtic. Damn, how come people never tell me these things. I find out the truth about years later...damn! So the ever so famous ex-Gregorian chant being referred to here goes like this -

Friday...Friday...Fri iii (sung upscale then down) i-day... Friday! rinse then repeat.

So I must apologize for being misleading low these many years. The chant is Celtic and we all need to remember that. The chant actually has it's origins in Scotland. That's where the Celts came from in the first place so don't believe any of the Euro-freaks trying to maintain that the Celts came from Europe. It's blatant plagiaristic bullshit to be sure. Dang Euros anyway. The dang Euros would have everyone believe that they invented chop suey. They didn't. Chop suey was invented in San Francisco. Yup that's true. Now that I've cleared the air on that touchy little matter, it's on to the machine art and after all that is what's important here.

helpless and hopeless in postmodern Amerika -

the Jillian is out there -

we have us a nice crisp and clear Friday morning a way out here behind the Zion Curtain. won't be very warm today but the sun shines and that is very much a good thing. 😎

Thursday, October 14, 2021

DAMN! I Missed It

Yesterday was 'No Bra Day'. I missed it! Dang it all, here I was being all pertinent and timely and I missed it. There must have been a memo somewhere. Today is just any old regular Thursday and the bras will be back on today. Double dang it! Evidently 'No Bra Day' falls on October 13th and I did not know that. Well don't that just beat all. I DID NOT KNOW! Crap diddly crap crap. Guys all around our breast-centric world have a chance to see them breasts all unleashed and stuff and I was about the day's business clueless. Boy if'n I don't feel kind of sheepishly stupid. I do love to see me some breasts and I missed my chance. The 'free-the-nipples' day is gone and won't be back until next October 13th. Okay so I really do know why 'breast cancer awareness' is important but still, I missed 'No Bra Day'. Yes I can admit to being more than teenage juvenile when it comes to a woman's breasts. The breast obsession can probably be traced back to being bottle feed as an infant. I don't know what the psychiatric prognosis has to say and I really don't care. I do know that I do love me some tits and I missed the day to celebrate my fascination. Crap... machine art is next. Crap...

sometimes you feel like a nut -

 flight -

what's the point in 'acting grown up' when you every so often can't act childish. πŸ‘Ά

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Up To The Great Wide Open

 To boldly go where he's never gone before. Who you might ask? Why Captain Kirk that's who. William Shatner gets a ride on Bezos joyride rocket today and our good Capitaine finally makes it to space. The final frontier. Good for Shatner. I'd really like to get a ride to space but I don't know the "right people" to make that happen so I'm shit out of luck. Maybe Demi Lovato could get a ride to space. However, Lovato would insist that the 'crew' be nonbinary or she'll hold her breath until everyone agrees that nonbinary is the wave of the future. Is the wave of A future? Not necessarily everyone else's future, just Lovato's. I think that Lovato might be dipping into the crack bag again. I'm not certain of that so I should just probably leave it in the speculation stage of celebrity stupidity. A real space fact, Scotty made it to space long before Kirk. Yup. James Doohan's family got his ashes smuggled onto the International Space Station and Chief Engineer for NCC 1701 USS Enterprise and my favorite crew member next to Mr. Spock, one Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott is now floating peacefully in space. The final frontier. Mr. Doohan died in 2005. Shatner died in 2020 but no one has told him yet. Oh my zombies in space! Shatner is so dang old he's now a zombie. Wait...that's not right...Shatner is a mummy. Mummies In Space! Did you know that Shatner once insulted Demi Lovato and hurt the ditzy bitch's feeling in such a manner it made the crazy lady cry. I'm not certain if a rocket would be nonbinary. I suppose that would depend on the number of rocket engines there are to be in use. I suppose. THE FINAL FRONTIER! Machine art is coming up next.

spatial curves in space -

dead roses -

Bezos joyride rocket is a one up then back down so that's not exactly like being in orbit OR on the ISS. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š