Tuesday, August 4, 2020

arches and red pandas

probably and an odd combination but what the hell, it's Tuesday and our world has survived another bout with trump. you see the plague is receding or so says the trump while actually and in real time, the Covid-19 runs amok around the entire Planet and hundreds of thousands of folk are dead and that's to include amerikans. of course by trump's way of spinning fact and then separating truth from reality to fit neatly inside his very tiny world view, so what. you would probably have to concede that trump is good at bankrupting casinos. great googly moogly, the man is an asshole. but we all knew that. anyway and onward to the Tuesday edition of 'who put the funk in those dirty gym socks'. and shorts.
rainbow arch which is really a bridge -

and then we have -

you see it's a red panda. really. okay and toodles for now. :}

Monday, August 3, 2020

mountain sides and the sunny side

okay, everyone take a hearty if not healthy groan as Monday is upon us and there ain't not a dang thing can be done about that. well of course one can be in complete denial about it being Monday but that denial doesn't change a thing. so...we've got us a mountain scene for breathtaking beauty and sunflowers on account of any sunflower good enough for Vincent Van Gogh is good enough for me. of course I fixed the sunflower first. I 'fixed' it alright. onward...
mountain side -

sunflower -

Monday Monday, can't trust that day and thank you Mamas and the Papas. you know from back in the day. :}

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Godzilla Junior

yes folks, it's Godzilla Junior and the horse he rode in on. not really. however that's what I'm calling today's posting. I like Godzilla and I always have. I like horses and I always have. I've seen the horses running wild out in the west desert. what a sight. of course there are no horses running wild here. not at present. but one can imagine...
Godzilla Junior -

horses -

that's all for now. please do keep out of the heat on account of it's really freaking hot.

Saturday, August 1, 2020


lines on a mirror, lines on the face, lines on canvas, lines are everywhere. of course without lines our world would look very strange. our world looks very strange even with lines. from the book, 'lines lines everywhere are lines and I'm not even next in line'. by Toby Linear
block granted lines -

lines on copper sheeting -

and there you have it. lines

Friday, July 31, 2020

chaos at the sign of four

I like abstract surrealism. abstract surrealism is so...surreal in the abstract. so I take an image that I find interesting and abstract the bejeepers out of the image then make the image surreal using several "secret" methods. (those methods are "secret" on account of I'm not about to talk about it) :}
then the abstract surrealism goes into the machine and presto...an image that is abstract, surreal, and more times than not, pretty dang cool. after all, art IS whatever you can get away with. so for our last Friday in the month of July 2020, and thank god for that, here are two yes count them two works of abstract if not surreal machined art. sheer machine genius I tells ya. if you use your imagination, the first image sort of looks like a bird.
chaos -

at the sign of four (apologies to Mr. Doyle for the gank) -

okay and, TTFN and we'll see you next month. :}

Thursday, July 30, 2020


up up and away. off to Mars we go. of course the "we" is purely editorial. NASA is off to Mars. the 'new' Mars rover with it's accompanying Martian drone, is on its way. I missed the dang launch on account of I WAS ASLEEP and NASA didn't bother to let me know that the launch was a go in the wee hours of a Wasatch Front morning. you know that time of day when your eyes don't quite focus and your head is all foggy like and holy crap who wants to get out of bed anyway. I can certainly watch the launch on youtube but its just not the same as a live launch. ah for the good old days when NASA announced their launches and the launches were all over network tv. those days are gone like the Fonz.
so...here it is almost the last day of July 2020. hot as all to be damned and the Covid-19 has the entire Planet with the old collective knickers in a knot. we're all gonna die you see. oh well. it's been real and it's been fun however it has not been a whole lot of fun. at least not lately.
onward with today's postings.
Mr. Money's house -

the train you need to take to get to Mr. Money's house -

okay and that should cover things for now. hopefully.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

the old mill house and we don't mean Dick Nixon

get it? that's a joke. 'mill house' and 'Milhous Nixon'? oh that is so early 70's funny. yup, I am that old. fucking old guys anyway. sorry I digress.
first up we have us a mill house. hence the twist on Nixon's middle name.
mill house -

and next and because it's humpday, we have us some physical destruction. actually, it's wartime destruction but what the hell. wreckage is after all wreckage.
bombed out -

so and as the camel said to the office staff, "hey Mike...what day is it? IT'S HUMP DAY!!!" yippee

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

el Topo meets the Gunfight at High Noon

more simply scrumptious surrealism by me. well of course it's by me. probably more than scrumptious surrealism, what we have here is machine art. yeah, that's the ticket. it's Tuesday so we'll have us a one and a two. which is not so far from what usually gets posted on the old blogger-matic. that's a new word I just made up...blogger-matic. I like it. :}
el Topo -

and now, the gunfight meeting at High Noon -

I realize that there's about nothing to do with High Noon. so sue me but, if you ain't caught me well you ain't got me. :}

Monday, July 27, 2020

knock knock goes the train

trains don't really go knock knock. I don't think so anyway. trains go chug chug or toot toot or whatever. door knockers go knock knock. which is exactly what's to be posted here in about a bit. it would seem that trains these days don't make much noise at all. I think that's a pity. I grew up by the Union Pacific north yards and I loved the noise the trains made. oh well, that was a way back when. and now here we are in the 21st century all hunkered down and locked in quarantine and having to wear face masks and social distancing and all manner of covid crap. so instead of being all 21st century and stuff, we are back to the dark ages with plagues and bullshit like that torturing humanity. oh crap, I'm waxing all pontifical and shit like that. sorry.
knock knock no joke -

trains which are also no joke -

and there you have the Monday posting. :}

Sunday, July 26, 2020

holes and houses

there's holes in the dang woodwork. well, there is after I put one there. however I filled the hole with lotus putty. worked like a charm. then there's a Norwegian house in a Norwegian wood. I mean where else would a Norwegian house be but in a Norwegian wood. You know what I mean?
hole -

a Norwegian house -

the image is by the vard and I fixed it. I fixed it good...